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Our Company


Our Company

SLDNXT is an integrated retail experience strategy and design consultancy with global reach, founded through a joint venture between immersive design and branding agency Shikatani Lacroix and leading brand strategist Teddy Ma.

The banking industry is going through a significant transformation and this means new opportunities for financial institutions to move beyond transactions to immersive customer relationships. We believe growth comes from fostering the best branch experience to attract the right type of high growth customers.

The branch network, a vital and valuable asset that banks already own, is under-leveraged. Branch experience remains central to building relationships and growing business. Our stealth attrition research clearly identifies that the majority of customers demand engagement with real people. Unfortunately, outmoded, transaction-centric branch models have obscured the true mission of the branch and very few customers see their bank as a source of professional insights and advice. The key opportunity for modern retail banks is to reframe consumer perceptions and recapture the allegiance of high-worth, high-growth customers. We believe the transformed branch is the ideal platform for reaching and retaining these high value clients.

Our Process

Consumers seek advice and access to financial expertise as part of their various life stages. Though the retail banking industry is extremely practical, the process of planning and achieving one’s financial aspirations is, for consumers, often fraught with emotion. Memorable, engaging branch experiences are critical to bridging this gap and when they do, lucrative, long-term relationships ensue.

Our process is simple. We begin by building the client’s problem statement grounded in business objectives, consumer needs, and relevant behavioral science. The next step is to form design intent in a series of iterative, interactive agile sessions. This unique “Ideal Immersive Experience Development Model” allows the client and SLDNXT to collaboratively identify opportunities while maintaining the connection between customer dispositions and business objectives. This collaborative process not only forms the basis of every design but also yields the metrics upon which success is judged.

Our Name

SLDNXT represents the intersection of some of the brightest and most creative minds from multiple disciplines whose joint mission is to transform the banking experience. Our global collaborative and interdisciplinary approach breaks down barriers between functional areas to unleash an innovative, interactive thought engine. SLDNXT leverages deep experience and expertise to create a safe harbor from the tumult that many transformation programs engender.

Phases of Design Change Management

Our process leverages the power of inherent emotional connections at the point of engagement. Founded on a collaborative and inclusive engagement principle and able to adapt to meet each client’s unique criteria, the overall process consists of three major phases. Each builds on the learning and insights from the preceding phase:

1. Define

Establishes the foundation of the strategic branding direction.

2. Design

Personifies the gathered insights into design foresight.

3. Deliver

Delivers executional clarity to the opportunity while ensuring the initial design vision is properly translated to executional elements.

What We Do: Creating Richer Branch Experiences

Whether it’s owning a unique emotionally charged position, increasing traffic, generating sales, boosting monthly transactions, or shifting brand perceptions, everything we do is geared toward owning a consumer relationship moment. Well-credentialed and considered industry thought leaders, we work in just about every discipline. We combine the expertise and hands-on experience of our global network with the laser-like focus and entrepreneurial passion of a boutique agency.

  • Corporate

    • Branding
    • Identity
    • Brand Standards and Stewardship
    • Employee Engagement
    • Brand Asset Management
  • Wayfinding

    • Wayfinding Systems
    • Message Schedules
    • Graphic Design
    • Signing Key Plans
    • Implementation
  • Environments

    • Interior Design
    • Space Planning
    • Construction Documents
    • Rollout Management
    • Tendering
  • Digital

    • E-Commerce Websites
    • Mobile Apps
    • Sales Force Tablet Integration
    • Digital Signing
    • Interactive Media
    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Applications