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Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy

We create credible brand experiences that best reflect the organization’s mission, vision and goals, build trust, and shape future opportunities.

Our approach to brand strategy focuses sharply on brand coherence. Whether it’s branding strategy, corporate branding, or branded environments – from positioning, customer and stakeholder research, naming, competitive benchmarking, lifecycle assessments, and strategies – the focus on brand coherence is always anchored in immersing the organization towards strong internal alignment and focusing on a clearly defined vision that is differentiated and proprietary.

And then it happens… a consumer shows affinity for your brand and what you have to offer. This moment – when consideration turns into a sale – drives everything we do. Our philosophy and strategic design approach hones in on that instant, providing a strong understanding of the consumer mindset, which is founded on our extensive consumer research experience.


A brand can achieve coherence only by clearly defining its core essence – its DNA. At SLDNXT, creating a blueprint of that DNA is an essential part of the process for building strong and memorable brands. To define this DNA, we assess the brand essence, brand beliefs (brand equities), brand personality, brand attributes and pillars, and bring them all together as they inform the true value behind the brand.


Our design will concisely articulate your position to the brand’s core target market demographic, and position your brand in a way that creates a unique space for your brand in the hearts and minds of your customers.


To distill a clear message and setting the right brand direction, we assess the brand vision, mission, and value in order to define the point of difference of how your audience will perceive you, your product, and your service. Our research and insights leverage the inherent brand equities and strengths, and uncover the new opportunities for differentiation in the marketplace and at the shelf level, building your relevance on the determined core brand equities.