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Brand Delivery


Brand Delivery

Organizations that have derived the greatest value for their brand have done so by driving a coherent and consistent execution across all of their brand touchpoints. This becomes a challenge when your brand lives on various communication platforms, languages and cultures, not to mention internal business units. Consistent brand delivery ensures the investment in building a brand is amplified wherever and however it is experienced.

Our brand implementation management services involve the assessment, strategy development, detailed planning and full conversion of a company’s branded assets to the new corporate identity as part of a corporate rebranding or as the result of a merger or acquisition.


We assess a company’s branded assets and work effort for conversion based on executive or subject matter expert interviews, data gathering requests, physical site visits, brand audits, and the application of our extensive experience.

The end deliverables involve a final assessment report including conversion strategy options and scenarios with cost/benefit trade-offs and recommendations, a holistic cost estimate, timelines and schedules, and internal project organization recommendations.


We recommend a project organization structure based on specific asset or functional area workgroups. We work with those teams to develop plans and refine budgets. We then provide guidance, templates, and our expertise in mitigating risk.

For key branded asset areas like signage or fleet graphics, we can take on a more significant planning and execution role where we assess vendors, develop and execute RFPs with client’s supply chain, create logistical distribution plans, and so on.


Whether it’s a rapid, high impact change or a more gradual transition, we implement brand conversion and leverage quick win opportunities.

Taking into account on-going organizational restructuring or integration decisions driven by the brand strategy, we execute conversion for key asset areas and quick win opportunities. We maintain ongoing monitoring of the project budget and overall progress reporting.

We are deeply involved in the management of vendors for the conversion of major assets like architectural signage, fleet graphics, employee PPE, uniform changes, etc., while trouble shooting and providing issue resolution.

We help support employee engagement efforts, and support the timely communication to all key stakeholder groups to manage both the reality and the positive perception of brand change.

We then ensure that any ancillary activities are cleanly transitioned to internal resources and key vendor relationships.