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Exploring Dyson’s Immersive Center in Shanghai


Blog April 4, 2018 by Jean-Pierre Lacroix
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Exploring Dyson’s Immersive Center in Shanghai

Dyson is the global leader in creating and designing innovative solutions for fans and vacuums. The ability to tell their story is a pivotal part of ensuring that consumers understand the unique technology driving their products.

While in Shanghai, we had an opportunity to visit Dyson’s flagship store and to experience firsthand how they have leveraged storytelling as part of the customer journey. The overall store design is much closer to what you would expect in a science museum, with dark grey walls and table top feature displays and a strong use of wayfinding. The interior also features a dramatic focal point wall with large, multi-panel digital displays supporting a range of Dyson’s leading handheld vacuum products.

The center of the store consists of a series of table displays demonstrating the technology driving their products, in addition to a range of fans. Each display is supported by digital signing, which allows the viewer to better understand the various unique product features.

Well-trained staff are available to share the Dyson product philosophy with customers. They’re each equipped with a strong knowledge of the unique features and technology that elevate these products to a step above the competition. Dyson’s Immersive Centre is an excellent example of how to build strong storytelling as part of the customer experience.

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